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Pictures of Me and Anti-Roll
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Monday, July 01, 2002

Invades Casbah and The Bard in San Diego
Some of these pictures are cover pics for our new album.

1:24 PM

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Read Me
Staring at the letters/I'd never send/wondering/what you should have said/
and I don't think you care/
It's a conspiracy/how the government/or just your mind/ has blocked you from your view/
you can't see/why I love you/
Do you/even believe

Maybe/it's the way/I smile at your pictures/maybe/it's the way/I long to hold you/
Or/maybe/it's because/"I'd give up forever to touch you, 'cause I know that you'd feel me some how."/Either way/baby/don't you see/that you/are perfect/to me/

7:51 AM


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